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“Normalizing a new culture for mental wellness in the first responder community by building resilient mindsets at work, home and into retirement through trusted and proven educational resources.”


The First Responder Resilience Project includes a peer-produced documentary and a customizable, educational program developed by first responders and reviewed by clinical experts specializing in first responder wellbeing.

Our platform provides in-person seminars, online training modules, and a resource platform designed to arm first responders with the needed tools to understand, maintain, heal, and further build on their mental health. 


Working to reduce the stigma, we introduce the conversation of mental health and wellness within the first responder community while providing accessible resources and self-help tools to combat past, current, and future traumas.

"First Responders Sound the Alarm" 

Let’s make a difference together and remove the stigma around mental health.

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First Responder
Resilience Project

The First Responder Resiliency Project (FRRP) addresses the pervasive issue of stigma associated with mental illness that often prevents our nation's first responders from accessing potentially life-saving treatments. This multifaceted project introduces the importance of mental health advocacy and wellness while providing relevant and accessible resources.

FRRP consists of a comprehensive mental health training program developed by first responders and peer-reviewed by clinical experts. The program includes
in-department seminars, individual workbooks, and interactive training modules hosted through the FRRP website.

The website serves as a functional efficient resource hub that has been specially curated for police officers, firefighters, EMS and dispatchers to help first responders improve their mental and physical wellness.

Additional resources include emergency call centers, virtual workouts, informational videos, wellness practices, blogs, and podcasts. Through this platform, participants can also find community support and personal guides for local resources. The First Responder Resiliency Program will reduce the stigma of mental health in the first responder community while providing accessible resources and self-help tools to combat past, current and future traumas.


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